Question: Should State Abbreviations Be Capitalized?

However, when giving an address, or in tables or other uses in which space is limited, use the US Postal Service’s symbol system, which consists of a two-letter abbreviation in which both letters are always capitalized and no periods are used (for example, NY for “New York”).

Should Abbreviations be capitalized?

Capitalization When Defining Abbreviations. Although an abbreviation is composed of capital letters, the full words that define the abbreviation are not always capitalized. Each case involves considering if the word is an official name or a proper noun.

Should state be capitalized?

Capitalizing the Word “States”

If the writer is referring to the United States and calling it just the States, then states needs to be capitalized. If states is being referred to in a general manner, such as “There are two senators for each state,” then the word states would remain lower case.

Is state a proper noun?

It should be capitalized when at the start of a sentence, or when it is part of a proper noun. The state (3) of affairs is that the State of Washington (proper noun) is a state (2) within the sovereign state (1) known as The United States of America (proper noun).

How do you abbreviate states in writing?

State Abbreviations: Use Traditional or Go Postal?

  • In running text, AP and Chicago both spell out state names.
  • For mailing addresses, AP and Chicago both default to the two-letter postal abbreviations.