Quick Answer: Who Is Ne-Yo Wife?

Is monyetta Shaw married?

Monyetta Shaw recently announced her engagement on Instagram, and Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Smith, responded to the news as she excitedly commented under the post.

Ne-Yo’s ex-fiance and the mother of two of his kids, Monyetta Shaw, is engaged, breaking the exciting news over the weekend..

When did Neyo get married?

February 20, 2016 (Crystal Renay)Ne-Yo/Wedding dates

Is Ne-Yo Badger?

Ne-Yo was unmasked as Badger in the final of the second series at the weekend. He finished as runner up to Sausage in the show which was watched by a record of audience of more than 10 million viewers.

Can Ne-Yo dance?

In addition to being a singer and songwriter, Ne-Yo also adds dancer to his (long) list of talents. Whether he’s performing live or in a music video, he doesn’t disappoint.

What does monyetta Shaw fiance do for a living?

The YBF recently shared a throwback photo of the newly engaged couple. Heath is said to be an entrepreneur and known in celebrity circles, including by Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole. He owns several businesses and clearly is involved in Shaw’s children’s lives.

Why did ne-yo leave monyetta?

Ne-Yo broke things off with Monyetta Shaw after saying he wasn’t ready for monogamy – then he married Crystal Renay. … He allegedly told her that he was not ready for a monogamous relationship.

Who is Ne-Yo ex wife?

After a rocky run in the tabloids, Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal, and his ex-partner, Monyetta Shaw, have developed a friendship. Before Ne-Yo and Crystal were married, the singer was in a long-time partnership with Monyetta, the mother of his two older children.

How old is Neyo?

41 years (October 18, 1979)Ne-Yo/Age

Is Neyo pregnant?

Ne-Yo announced that he and wife Crystal Smith are expecting their third child together via Instagram. “Overjoyed to announce…the family is expanding👶🏽!,” the “Miss Independent” crooner captioned a sultry clip of him caressing his wife’s baby bump.

Who is monyetta Shaw fiance?

Monyetta Shaw on Finding Love with Fiance Heath, Co-parenting with Ex Ne-Yo.

Is Ne-Yo still married?

Ne-Yo is entering 2021 with a refocus on his marriage. After a four-month separation, he and his wife Crystal Smith took divorce off the table. Their relationship made headlines, with Smith admitting she was blindsided by the divorce announcement. During a New Year’s Eve celebration, Ne-Yo popped the question again.

What happened to Ne-Yo foot?

Although there are no official statements regarding how Ne-Yo broke his foot, some articles and their sources suggest that the injury may have been sustained from a fall down a flight of stairs.

What is Ne-Yo net worth?

Ne-Yo Net Worth: Ne-Yo is an American pop and R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor who has a net worth of $9 million dollars.

Is Ne-Yo back with his wife?

Ne-yo and his wife Crystal are back together. They have been frank about what’s happening in their relationship. They were close to getting a divorce when lockdown hit, and it saved them. Now they’ve opened up about everything leading up to the divorce announcement earlier this year.

Who Is Neyo Dating?

Ne-YoOccupationSinger songwriter record producer actor dancer television judgeYears active1998–presentSpouse(s)Crystal Renay Williams ​ ​ ( m. 2016)​Partner(s)Monyetta Shaw (2009–2013)14 more rows

Who is Crystal Smith married to?

NE-YO and Wife Crystal Smith Share Ultrasound Video of Their Baby on the Way. Baby joy! On Instagram Wednesday, NE-YO’s wife Crystal Smith shared a video taken during an ultrasound of the couple’s little one on the way.

Is Ne-Yo still married to Crystal Renay?

Ne-Yo married Crystal in 2016, and shares sons Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr., four, and Roman Alexander-Raj Smith, two, with her. He also has two daughters from his previous relationship with girlfriend Monyetta Shaw.