Quick Answer: Can You Cross Zig Zag Lines?

How long do you get to unload on double yellow lines?

It’s OK to stop briefly on double yellow lines to do so, but you must be continuously loading or unloading the whole time you’re parked.

There’s also a time limit – 40 minutes for heavy goods vehicles and 20 minutes for light goods vehicles..

Why are there zig zag lines outside schools?

We have painted yellow ‘zig-zags’ road markings outside many schools in Hammersmith and Fulham for a very good reason: the safety of pupils. Do not park or stop even for a short moment on these markings. Any cars stopped or parked in the restricted area can hide small children who are about to cross the road.

What do these zig zag white lines mean?

The zigzag road markings at pedestrian crossings are to ensure drivers and pedestrians can see each other clearly. You must not overtake a vehicle that has stopped next to the crossing either to obey signals or because pedestrians are using the crossing. …

Is it illegal to park on zig zag lines outside a school?

Yellow zig-zag lines outside schools, hospitals, or fire, police or ambulance stations indicate the length of road where stopping or waiting is strictly prohibited. The Highway Code states that you should keep these areas clear of stationary vehicles, even if picking up or setting down children.

What are zig zags used for?

Zig-Zags, meanwhile, refers to the cigarette rolling paper of the same name that’s frequently used for making marijuana joints—and making 2 Zig-Zags slang for two joints.

Can you park on zig zag lines with a blue badge?

You must not park: … in parking places reserved for specific users such as resident’s bays, permit holders, doctors, loading bays, taxis, cycles. in pedestrian crossings (zebra, pelican, toucan and puffin crossings), including any areas marked by zig-zag lines before and after the crossings.

Can you stop on yellow zigzag lines?

Double yellow lines indicate no stopping at any time. Yellow zig zag lines without signs simply advise motorists not to wait or park on them. … For clarity, and to safeguard childrens’ lives, zig zag lines should all be used in conjunction with double yellow lines.

What is zigzag rule?

a rule composed of light strips of wood joined by rivets so as to be foldable, all the opening and closing parts being in parallel planes.

What are yellow zigzag lines?

Yellow zig-zag lines outside schools indicate the length of road where stopping or waiting is strictly prohibited. You may also find an upright sign, indicating a mandatory prohibition of stopping during the times shown.

What does a zigzag line on the road mean?

Pedestrian crossings allow people to cross the road safely. … Take extra care when you see a zig zag line on the road as this means you are approaching a crossing which you may not be able to see because of a curve, crest or dip in the road. Do not overtake any vehicle that is stopping or has stopped at a crossing.

Can you stop on white zig zag lines?

White zig-zags can be enforced by the council and the police, do not need a sign for enforcement, and you cannot park on them at any time. White zig-zag road markings are enforced 24-hours a day, every day.

What are the 4 types of crossings?

Types of CrossingsZebra Crossing. A zebra crossing is easy to spot because of its black and white stripes that form a path across a road and the flashing yellow Belisha beacons at either side of the road. … Pelican Crossing. … Puffin Crossing. … Toucan Crossing. … School Crossing. … Pedestrian Refuge.

Can you unload on zigzag lines?

The general rule is no, you cannot. Yellow and white zig-zag road markings indicate that parking is prohibited.