Quick Answer: Does Capitalization Matter In Youtube Tags?

Capitalization has no effect on SEO results, and your video with a tag of “Wedding Photography” won’t appear any higher or lower than one labeled “wedding photography.” Use capitals if you like, such as for names of places or to separate words in a phrase, but they neither help nor hinder your video’s SEO.

Are tags case sensitive?

But if you’re blogging in WordPress, according to their Frequently Asked Questions, their tags are NOT case sensitive. Therefore “Tags” is the same as “tags”. tag and tags).22 Feb 2013

Is YouTube case sensitive?

Usernames are not case-sensitive.

Do YouTube tags do anything?

YouTube Tags are words and phrases you can include in your YouTube videos’ description. They let your viewers, and YouTube, know what your videos are about and can help them rank higher in the platform’s search results.27 Feb 2019

Does capitalization matter in a hashtag?

No. You want people to be able to read your hashtag. #ImAProHashtagger is much easier to read than #imaprohashtagger, so use capital letters to break up the words in your hashtag. Having said that, if your hashtag is just one word or relatively short, then all lower-case is more acceptable.2 Feb 2018